Cancellation policy

Although we would like all registered participants to attend the conference without fail, some unavoidable circumstances may force you to cancel your attendance. If you are a presenter, you need to cancel both your presentation and registration. If you are attending the conference without a presentation, you need to cancel only the registration. For both cases, please contact us as soon as possible at

Cancellation of presentation: If your presentation has been accepted but extenuating circumstances prevent your attendance, we ask that you attempt to find another individual (e.g., coauthor) to make the presentation on your behalf and notify us of this change as soon as possible at If cancellation becomes absolutely unavoidable and you can not find a substitute, please contact us immediately at the aforementioned email address so we can remove your presentation from the conference program.

Cancellations of presentations impose a serious burden on the Conference Organizing Committee and impact the overall quality of the scientific program. Therefore, you are requested to submit the abstract only if you are reasonably sure of attending the conference.

Cancellation of registration and refund policy: Even if you are not a presenter The following refund policy is based on resort terms and conditions of the host resort.

Cancellation policy is subject to the rules of the host resort where the conference is being held. Following deductions will be levied in case of cancellations:

  • Within 15 days of Arrival Date / No Show: no refund will be permissible.
  • 15 Days to 30 Days prior to Arrival: 50% of the total cost will be refunded.
  • At least 30 Days before scheduled arrival: full refund will be given.

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