F. A. Q.

About I-BEE

Are you an organisation or a society?

No. We are just a bunch of enthusiastic researchers in ecology.

Are there invited talks or symposia at the I-BEE conference?

There are no invited talks or symposia at the I-BEE conference. Everyone who wishes to participate needs to submit an abstract before the deadline. You will be informed if your abstract is shortlisted after the peer-review process. Presenters will be assigned to sessions, based on broad subject areas.

Do you provide financial assistance to cover travel and accommodation costs?

Unfortunately, I-BEE does NOT have funds to cover travel and/or registration costs for any participant.

Do you provide a participation certificate for attending the conference.

We can provide an informal participation certificate if your institution or funding agency requires it.

How is I-BEE conference different from SCCS and YETI?

SCCS and YETI are aimed at the student community to get together, present their work, meet experts and to enhance their skills. SCCS also has a conservation focus. On the other hand, we are inviting any researcher in ecology, behaviour and evolutionary biology to attend I-BEE conference and present their latest research work. The focus is to provide a platform for researchers from faculty and postdocs to students at an advanced stage of their theses to present and exchange their ideas.

Abstract submission and presentation

What kind of work can I present at I-BEE?

Any research work in the broad inter-linked areas of ecology, animal behaviour and evolution, including their applied aspects. See abstract evaluation criteria for what kind of work is suitable for the conference.

Can I present my Bachelor’s or Master’s thesis work? 

The main criteria for the selection of abstract are the quality of scientific question and whether sufficient progress has been made to address it (we prefer work that are near completion or has recently been published.) We do not distinguish the work by the degree or the career stage of the scientist.

I want to modify my submitted abstract. How can I do this?

Please avoid such scenarios to the extent possible. But if you do need to change the abstract before the deadline, you could send an email to ibee.meet@gmail.com with the request. If the abstract has not yet been sent for review, we may be able to attend your request.

When will I know if my abstract has been accepted as a talk or poster?

On or before 10th Jan 2016.

Can I present more than one abstracts for talks?

To encourage greater participation, we have restricted presentations to only one abstract per person, either as a first author talk or poster.

How do I measure character count for abstract submission?

Various components of abstract have limits on number of characters you can use. “How to measure” has three words, but has 14 characters including spaces. To measure this, if you are using microsoft word, type the text, highlight it and then go to Tools -> Word count. It will pop up a small window that measure word count, character count (with and without spaces). You need to look at the one that includes blank space as a character.

How long are each oral presentations? 

Around 15 minutes. Precise information will be available only after the scientific program is ready (by mid-Feb).

Are there any specifications for the size of the poster?

Information will be provided shortly.


I am not presenting at the conference. Do I still have to register?

Yes. You need to submit the registration form but chose “No” for the question “Do you want to submit an abstract”. You will then receive information on how to make payment for accommodation, etc.

How can I pay my registration fees?

I-BEE has no explicit registration fee. The only payment you need to make is to the host resort which covers your accommodation and meals for the duration of the conference. Within a few days of filling the registration form, you will receive a detailed email from the organisers on how to make the payment to the host resort.

I made a joint payment with another participant. Do I still have to complete the registration form?

Yes. You need to submit your own registration form to ensure that our database contains your complete registration details.


Can you assist us with booking flight or train tickets?

Sorry, No. We have put together as much information as possible in this page. Please follow those.

Can you assist us with transfers to the resort from the railway station / bus-stand?

We will try to co-ordinate transfers to the resort by linking you with other participants who are arriving at the same time. We will also provide phone numbers for local taxi operators. Participants will have to bear these costs of local transfers.


Does accommodation cost include meals? 


We are a couple travelling for the conference. Should we book a single occupancy or double occupancy room?

You should book a double occupancy room (even if your spouse is not taking part in the conference) and both of your meals will be covered in the fee.

Can I bring my kids? Do you have baby sitting arrangements? 

Yes, you can certainly bring your kids. Babysitting arrangements are being arranged, we will update this on the website by mid February.

I want to cancel my accommodation booking, how can I do this and get a refund?

First, inform the organisers by sending an email to ibee.meet@gmail.com and obtain the terms and conditions of cancellation (already listed here). Then contact the host resort directly but please keep the organisers informed. We can not mediate any disputes between participants and the resort management.

What kind of facilities will be available at the conference venue and accommodation provided?

Conference facilities; Slide show presentation on Corbett National Park by the Chief Naturalist; Recreational facilities available in the resort like swimming pool, volleyball, table tennis, and team activities like of tug of war, treasure hunt!!! The following will cost extra: telephone, laundry, and others not listed on contract.

What kind of food will be available at the venue and during the conference? Can special dietary requirements be accommodated? 

Could be available, please contact the organisers (ibee.meet@gmail.com) with your request.

Can I get to stay with my friends who attend the conference?

Resort rules do not allow anyone who has not paid to stay in rooms.


I am not presenting at the conference. Is there any way I can contribute to the conference?

You can moderate a session, volunteer to help the organisers on various aspects. Contact ibee.meet@gmail.com with your availability and interests.

Are there any emergency contact numbers for I-BEE. 

Will be available closer to the date of the conference.


  1. Hi,

    I would like to know whether the I-BEE conference is planned to be held every year ? If yes, then when can we expect it to happen in 2017


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