Guidelines for presenters

For oral presentation

Oral presentations session will occur in standard 15-minute time slots, with 12 minutes for the presentation and 3 minutes for questions. Given the tight schedule for talks, session moderators will stop speakers who exceed their time allotment.

The seminar room will have a laptop and projector system for presentations. We advise you to submit your presentation in Microsoft PowerPoint or PDF format to the moderator/ organizers well before their talk. If you prefer to use your own laptops please inform the organizers.

Note that there may be no internet at the presentation hall. Presenters are requested to use their own dongle, mobile hotspot facilities. In case if your talk requires displaying various web pages and videos from online it is recommended to open the pages and stream the videos well before their talk. Presenters are requested to verify the performance of their presentation well before their talk especially if it consists of audio/video/animation files. If audio facility required please do inform organizers before your talk so that the necessary arrangements are made.

We recommend that Macintosh & Ubuntu users convert their presentation to PowerPoint or PDF and transfer it to the laptop allotted at the venue. In case if your talk included audio/video/animation files presenters are suggested to use their own laptop and do inform the organizers well before your talk.

For general tips and suggestions for oral presentation see:



For poster presentation

The orientation of your poster has to be portrait, and please ensure that the poster size does not exceed the following dimensions: 84 × 119 cm or 33 × 47 inches.

Your poster will be allotted a number and you should display your poster only on the poster board that matches this number. Your poster should be bold, well-designed and attractive. It should be easily readable from a distance of 1.8m (6 feet). Posters will be displayed individually and pushpins will be provided for mounting. Poster location assignments will be available at the registration desk. Posters can be left displayed for the entire day on which your poster is scheduled for, it will have to be removed the following morning.

Brief designing tips for your posters

  1. Try to produce your entire poster on a single piece of paper
  2. Too much text = loss of audience interest = death of poster
  3. Try to use fewer words and keep the sentences simple
  4. Use clear headings and sub-headings
  5. Use consistent formatting (text boxes, font type, size and color, text justification etc.)

For more general tips and suggestions for designing posters please see

Text on this page was mainly adopted from SCCS-Bengaluru (( poster guidelines. Please see this SCCS webpage ( for more tips on how to present and prepare your posters. However, it should be noted that not all points mentioned on that page (such as QR Codes and other organizing details) are relevant for the I-BEE conference.