More about Kumaon

Some useful links:

Corbett National Park : official site of the Uttarakhand Forest Department, bookings for accommodation and day tours to the park can be made online

Contact Asian adventures for 1 to 3 night packages in Corbett National Park

Community-based tourism in the Corbett landscape:

Choti Haldwani: The village which Jim Corbett adopted is today a bustling hive of community-based tourism. This village is on the road to Nainital, and adjacent to the Corbett Museum. Day tours can be arranged with knowledgeable local guides from Choti Haldwani.

Kyari: This quiet village, tucked inside outer Himalayan formations, is ranked among the best community-based tourism initiatives in India. Kyari and the surrounding regions are very rich in biodiversity. Guides here are trained in indentifying various taxa including birds and butterflies through recent initiatives by Titli trust and Uttarakhand Forest Department.

Further into Kumoan:





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