Key dates and steps

10th Nov 2015:  Call for abstracts opens

30th Nov 2015:  Registration opens

20th Dec 2015:  Call for abstracts closes

28th Dec 2015: New deadline to submit abstracts Abstract submission is now closed.

30th Jan 2016:  Deadline for registration, for both presenters and non-presenters. 

4th Feb 2016, 6 PM:  Deadline for registration extended!

Attendees: Attendees, i.e., participants who are not presenting, need to register by 28th Feb to avail the existing rates. Beyond this date, they will have to contact the host resort directly for rates and room availability.

Short-listed presenters: if you haven’t registered before 6 PM on 4th Feb, we may not be able to accommodate you in the schedule.  You can write to to check if spots have become available on the presentation schedule for late registrations due to changes or cancellations.

15th Feb 2016:  Conference schedule will be available on the website

Key steps to follow for all interested participants

  1. If you are keen to participate in the meeting, please complete your pre-registration form.
  2. If you are planning to submit an abstract, please read the abstract guidelines, and abstract evaluation criteria before preparing the abstract.
  3. To submit your abstract, fill the form (and include abstract if you have one) and submit! If you only want to attend the conference and not present any work, you can skip the abstract-related fields in this form.
  4. The abstract will be peer-reviewed and decisions will be notified to all by 10th Jan 2016.
  5. Both attendees and presenters will receive information about how to make room reservations for the conference (check costs here). Once you receive the registration details from us, you can book your reservation by paying the host resort.
  6. To complete their registration, both presenters and non-presenters are required to indicate their schedule and pay the host resort by 4th Feb 2016. If you do not register by this deadline, your presentation will not be included in the program.
  7. You can continue to register for the conference as an attendee if there is space in the host resort, but a late registration fee may apply beyond 5th Feb 2016.
  8. Email us a copy of the receipt of your payment issued by the host resort as soon as you have it.
  9. Plan your travel in advance. Come to conference by 10th March 2016 to celebrate the science of ecology! Plan your travel (flight and train bookings) sufficiently early. We can not assist you in your travel plans, but check logistics and FAQ pages for more details.

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